Let's bar hop on the Chiba Station Odori Avenue. Chiba Fujimi Yatai Yokocho (Chiba Fujimi Food Stalls Street)

The 5th Chiba Fujimi Yatai Yokocho
(Chiba Fujimi Food Stalls Street)

The present condition of Chiba City

As per the closure of the Chiba PARCO in November 2016, media surveys have shown that over 60% of the stores in the around area felt that the number of visitors decreased. The area around Chiba Mitsukoshi, which was closed in March 2017, is also regarded as the main point of revitalizing redevelopment that promotes pedestrian-centered space creation, but the concrete plan has not been finalized yet.
Under these circumstances, Chiba PERIE which was scheduled to be reopened after renovation by three phases, also was fully opened in June 2017. I make it more difficult for people to come to Chiba Fujimi area from the Chiba station.



Motivation to move people from Chiba Station to Chiba Station Odori Avenue is an important issue

Central Park Promenade, which is the side way of Chiba Station Odori Avenue, is a hub of the surrounding excursion route. We run a stall event that attracts and invites people on the Promenade. In the future, aiming for permanent installation as a new landmark, and it will invite people come and go, and a flow of people in the central area of Chiba Station.


Encourage Chiba city

1) Operate the event of food stalls street based on local production for local consumption

2) Create an atmosphere linked to other town revitalization events held in the area.

3) Create a flow of customers and tourists to the central city area Fujimi-cho, Sakae-cho and Chuo-cho

4) Transition from a temporary stall to a permanent stall on Chiba Station Odori Avenue (Central Park Promenade) for the future

November 2017 "The 1st Chiba Fujimi Yatai Yokocho" held

June 2018 "2nd Chiba Fujimi Yatai Yokocho" held

October 2018 "3rd Chiba Fujimi Yatai Yokocho" held

July 2019 "4rd Chiba Fujimi Yatai Yokocho" held

The 5th Chiba Fujimi Food Stalls Street
on 30st November and 1st December 2019

Chiba Fujimiya Yatai Yokocho

Chiba Fujimi Yatai Yokocho is a stall that is open from a number of famous shops lined with Fujimi-cho, Chiba City. Aiming to create a new spot where people can interact with each other by inheriting the food culture of Chiba City, in November 2017, it was born on Chiba Station Odori Ave.


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Open 15:00 - 23:00

Crib Bar
九州の旨かもん 旨か酒 くすお 千葉店

You can enjoy local dishes of Kyushu Kagoshima such as selected black pork and Satsuma local traditional pedigree chicken. We are confident in our selection of Satsuma shochu!

★ We are confident in the quality of the chicken. The owner chef uses only carefully selected chicken ★ The white lever of "Iwai dori", which is Iwate prefecture traditional pedigree chicken, is a proud dish!

Meat & seafood bar recommended for those who want to enjoy plenty of meat and seafood. You can enjoy a wide variety of cuisines, both Japanese and Western-style, with the fresh seafood and meat that we have strictly selected. The atmosphere in the store is full of wood-based warmth. it is a shop that can be used in various scenes, such as a table seat where the number of people can be arranged Flexibly, and a counter seat where you can enjoy your time. Please enjoy not only the daily menu but also the standard menu.

We are a full-fledged restaurant bar, which serve deep fried skewered meat and vegetables. Dipping in the source twice is banned. Please have drinks after work. I work hard every day on the theme of with well-sophisticated food and sake. Where the food stalls street on the day, we will serve a deep fried skewered meals, stewed food and others. We will prepare high quality service in the stalls! Please stop by our stall. The lanterns of deep fried skewered meals and stews are the mark.

We are a sports bar where 2 minutes walk from Chiba Central Station. You can also enjoy watching sports game such as soccer (J-League, UEFA CL etc), baseball, K-1 and UFC on the large screen TV. Sports request OK! We coordinate various parties such as welcome and farewell party, birthday party, girls' party according to the budget and the number of participants.

Newly opened. A healing space full of green. Please enjoy plate lunch and cafe time! !

Entertainment bar "Soranokakera (A piece of sky)" let you to spend time in an illusionary space. Please enjoy a glass of relaxation in the European style bar where the glitter like turned over the toy box is striking. In the entertainment area, we also perform live music with flute and guitar, and various types of bands ♪ We have prepared plans such as privately reserved / banquet / wedding party / music performance plan. For the birthday of a significant person in your life! ! We accept from 3,500 yen per person (consultation required). Our highly recommended is "demi tomato soup omelet rice" of well-simmered beef streaks! If you like omelet rice, please taste it.
At Chiba Fujimi Street Food Stalls, we offer Yakisoba (Fried noodle), Modern Yaki (Fried noodle in Japanese style pancake) and Yakiniku (BBQ) on Teppanyaki style. Please stop by our stall.

We prepare a wide variety of Mexican cuisine and drinks. Inside the bar is in a stylish atmosphere inspired by Mexico , from the counter to the toilet. You can enjoy in various scenes such as dating and women's party.

Delicious chicken dishes at back street of Chiba! ! We have an abundance of rare sake and authentic shochu! ! We also offer courses of "All you can drink" including all of them.

2 minutes walk from Keisei Line Chiba Chuo Station. We hope to welcome to the place with the concept of “Wafu (Japanese style)” and a relaxing space. We will serve our specialty Kushiyaki (skewered meals) and specialty dishes at the stall.

At this time, Please taste the ultimate kushiyaki.

Even though it's really a Bar, it's full of events!
And we join in Fujimi Food Stalls Street event.
Multipurpose room in Chiba "Nanchatte Bar Niwa"

We offer mainly selected Wagu (Japanese domestic beef), and fresh seafood and vegetables from Chiba prefecture at reasonable prices. We also prepare private rooms where suitable for dating and business dinner.

A place where you naturally stop by. Here is such a bar & night cafe, Peace Five.
Whether you are young or matured, we aim to be a place of rest where everyone spends their time happily ♪
The bar has a bright image based on wooden, and it has an atmosphere where allows anyone, young and matured, to easily enter.
There are also karaoke and darts in the bar, and you can spend fun time with friends.

5 minutes walk from Keisei Chiba Chuo Station.
We serve good-quality Aussie beef in Chiba until midnight.
Please enjoy a flavorful rib roast steak grown by botanical breeding, either yourself or with friends and lovers.
We hope to welcome you to taste it at the stylish space.

Our activity has Introduced on Newspapers

"Chiba Fujimi Yatai Yokocho" is attracting media attention as a new initiative to revitalize the downtown area of Chiba City. Why not rediscover the charm of the Chiba area while enjoying the taste of a local favorite restaurant in the center of Chiba City?

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What's r-223?

We spread energy and vitality from Chiba central area, in order to lead to revitalization of this town and Japan. We are a private organization named r-223 based in Fujimi-cho, Chuo-ku, Chiba City.

It is a pioneer group, which consists young business owners including restarurant business, has loved the local Chiba area, and has been making various attempts for regional town revitalization.

"We want to let this town where is losing energy more cheerful."
"A lot of people come together with smile on this town, we want to carry on such events."

We go forward with such a passion.